Entrepreneurship Education Downloads and Printables

Bring entrepreneurship education to life with our free entrepreneurship education downloads and printables – a treasure trove of free educational resources to engage and inspire your students. Explore the variety of printable activities, games, and exercises designed to help students develop essential skills like creativity, critical thinking, empathy, financial literacy, and problem-solving. Enhance your classroom experience with these fun, interactive resources that encourage students to embrace entrepreneurial mindsets, build resilience, and ignite innovation.

A magnifying glass focuses on the word "Curiosity" and an illustration of a telescope against a yellow background. The "venturelab Entrepreneurial Learning" logo is at the bottom right, highlighting their dedication to youth entrepreneurship education.

Mindset of the Month: Curiosity

Following our curiosity nurtures crucial underlying strengths like resilience, adaptation, and problem-solving. So, how do we increase the entrepreneurial mindset of curiosity?

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Courage VenureLab Youth Entrepreneurship

4 Free Courage Activities

Entrepreneurs have to be brave. They must try new things, talk to new people, take risks and solve problems that others are afraid to tackle. This is called courage!

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A child wearing a construction helmet holds a cordless drill, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship education. The background has a text bubble saying "3 Free Adaptability Activities" and a circular icon labeled "Adaptability," making it perfect for promoting K12 entrepreneur curriculum initiatives.

3 Free Adaptability Activities

Entrepreneurs don’t always know what challenges they will face. They have to make changes when problems come up and find new ways to make their ideas work. This is called adaptability.

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