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Working together to spread the entrepreneurial mindset around the world

Logo of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, featuring a stylized "M" above the foundation's name in uppercase letters, emphasizing their commitment to youth entrepreneurship education.
Condon Family Foundation" is displayed in a light gray serif font on a transparent background, emphasizing its commitment to youth entrepreneurship education.
Gray logo with text that reads "80 20 Foundation" in large, bold numerals and letters, supporting youth entrepreneurship education.
Text reading "The Elmendorf Family" in a serif font, displayed in grey color against a transparent background, reminiscent of the sophisticated branding used in youth entrepreneurship education materials.
Text reads "Charles C. Butt" in gray letters on a transparent background, highlighting his commitment to youth entrepreneurship education.
A logo with a white star surrounded by a laurel wreath on a green background. Below, text reads "H-E-B Tournament of Champions," celebrating excellence in entrepreneurship education.
Logo of Rackspace Technology, featuring the company name in lowercase grey letters with "rackspace" in bold and "technology" in light font beneath it. The design subtly reflects its support for youth entrepreneurship education and teaching entrepreneurship to inspire future innovators.
Logo of JP's Peace Love & Happiness Foundation featuring symbols of a peace sign, a heart, and a smiley face above the foundation name, promoting entrepreneurship education along with its philanthropic missions.
The Stahl Family Foundation" text in white on a transparent background, promoting youth entrepreneurship education.
Werq logo
The image shows the logo of Cosential, a company. The logo features the company name in gray capital letters, with a stylized "I" ending in a dot above the letter, reflecting their innovative approach to teaching entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship education.
A logo that reads "DIGIBOOST" with stylized lines extending from the left side of the text, embodying the spirit of youth entrepreneurship education.
Logo of Jobward featuring a stylized flag icon to the left of the company name in bold letters, reflecting our commitment to teaching entrepreneurship.
Gray logo displaying the text "Rachel Muir," with "Rachel" in a cursive font and "Muir" in a bold, uppercase font, symbolizing the dynamic blend of creativity and strength found in youth entrepreneurship education.
Text reads "Jeffrey Davis and Kathy Holland" in gray font on a white background, highlighting their contributions to K12 entrepreneur curriculum.
Joy Kelly" written in gray text on a light background, inspired by youth entrepreneurship education.
Text reading "Stanford Young" in a gray sans-serif font on a light background, highlighting its focus on teaching entrepreneurship to inspire the next generation.

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