VentureLab for Girl Scouts

About the program:

VentureLab for Girl Scouts is a packaged youth entrepreneurship program that empowers girls to innovate, create, and discover their potential. Participants develop a mindset and “heartset” that they can use for a lifetime, no matter what they choose to become.
The program is available for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Levels.

Recommended for Troop Leaders, Service Unit Volunteers, Community Partners, and Council Programs

The VentureLab Program for Girl Scouts consists of:
Cover of the book "Entrepreneurial Mindset for Juniors: VentureLab Leader Guide" featuring a purple background with star, planet, and spaceship illustrations, designed to inspire youth entrepreneurship education.
Leader Guide
Cover of a booklet titled "Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Children" by VentureLab, featuring sketches of a hot air balloon, airplane, mountains, a rainbow, and the sun. This engaging resource is perfect for teaching entrepreneurship to young minds through an inspiring k12 entrepreneur curriculum.
Girl Booklet
An illustration of a blue clipboard holding a sheet of paper with a yellow checkmark, pink triangle, and blue circle, plus lines of text, serves as an engaging visual aid for K12 entrepreneur curriculum.
Leader Training
Hexagonal badge with a colorful border, containing a rocket ship graphic and the words "VentureLab Entrepreneurship" in the center, symbolizing youth entrepreneurship education.
Council Branded Patch

Girl Scout Badge Connection

Girls who complete the program will be eligible to receive their Entrepreneur Badge.

VentureLab is Girl Scouts of the USA’s dedicated subject matter expert for an entrepreneurship program launched in summer 2020, which will encourage girls to think like entrepreneurs.

VentureLab has been a valuable partner in developing the program, thanks to its experience designing curriculum and working with girls and adults. 

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient Cady

“When I met with Girl Scout troops, many of the girls became more empowered and confident in their problem-solving abilities as they designed their products.”

“VentureLab’s curriculum was extremely well thought out. VentureLab was an integral part of my Girl Scout Gold award!”

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