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Building a global community of talented instructors to

bring entrepreneurial learning to kids all around the world.

Entrepreneurship education is a game-changer, and so is VentureLab PD. We believe in learning by doing: teachers build confidence in our material by participating in a mini-startup challenge, and by trying first-hand many of the activities, modules and tasks that students will tackle in the curriculum. If it looks a little different than a traditional training, then we’re doing our job.

“The hands-on interactive activities that you could test out with students are insightful and helpful. I think having the opportunity to actually do those things during the training itself was super helpful.”
-Casey Brathoover, Communities in Schools, Training & Events Coordinator

“Our trainer was a great presenter who really took time to get to know each person in the room and help tailor the program to their needs.”
-Kayla Hinrichs, 4-H, Extension Educator in Food, Nutrition & Health; Entrepreneurship

“Our trainer was an incredibly engaging presenter who kept everyone engaged with creative sense making strategies. I appreciated his willingness to stop his presentation and adapt to the audience. He made me so excited to use this curriculum.”
 -Kameran Ulferts 4H Extension Educator
in STE(A)M, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

Educators are inherently entrepreneurial as they empathise to understand the needs of their ‘clients’, constantly iterate to improve their ‘service’, and persist daily to overcome obstacles and challenges! VentureLab believes that investing in the professional growth of the educator directly impacts the students they serve.

Immerse yourself in the VentureLab Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skillsets to grow your own practice and learn how VentureLab activities teach creativity, idea generation, and design thinking along with entrepreneurship, market research, business models, and idea pitching.


Full day in-person training: $5,000
Half day in-person training: $2,500
(Travel not included in above prices)


60-minute live online training: $800
(number of participants limited)

Most trainings are offered in virtual (online) settings. Trainees must meet audio/video and participant requirements.

“This has been one of the best trainings I have been to in a while. I learned a whole lot and am eager to incorporate this not only with my GT students, but within my own classes. I loved this training.”
-Kristina Lopez,

“VentureLab helps students think creatively and leads to good problem solving skills. I’m so excited to finally bring something real to my students.”
– Rita Sanchez,

“You can tell as soon as I’m in here, I don’t have to talk a lot. The kids love it – they look forward to VentureLab. They get enthusiastic about it. When I have my VentureLab class, I really feel like I’m teaching.”
-Ally Treviño,

Groups we’ve worked with:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultral Organization
Bonham Independent School District logo
San Antonio hispanic chamber of commerce
Trinity University logo
We've also worked with:
  • Magellan International
  • Anne Frank Academy
  • Locke Hill Elementary
  • Rhodes Elementary School
  • Brookes Academy School
  • Westlake ISD
  • Keystone School
  • San Antonio ISD
  • Northside ISD
  • Judson ISD
  • North East ISD
  • River City Believers Academy
  • Harmon Public Schools
  • Construction Careers Academy
  • St. Anthony Catholic School
  • Ann Richards School

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