Practice what you teach.

There is no one more entrepreneurial in their thoughts and actions than YOU and the education community you’re a part of.

Educators are inherently entrepreneurial as they empathize to understand the needs of their ‘clients’, constantly iterate to improve their ‘service’, and persist daily to overcome obstacles and challenges!

We believe in building a global community of talented instructors to bring entrepreneurial learning to kids all around the world. Through our professional development, educators build confidence and experience entrepreneurship first-hand through VentureLab’s nationally recognized curriculum.

VentureLab Professional Development program responds to your needs with the option to focus on a wide variety of topics from entrepreneurial thinking in core academic subjects, STEM + Arts integration, stand alone entrepreneurship courses, afterschool applications and more.


Mindset Course for Educators: Transforming Teaching with Entrepreneurial Thinking

Ready to enhance your teaching skills with an entrepreneurial edge? Explore our “Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Educators” online course today and join a community of forward-thinking educators. 

VentureLab’s Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Educators Course is tailored to infuse entrepreneurial thinking seamlessly into your educational strategies, and will enhance your ability to nurture student creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Experience growth both personally and professionally, mastering how to incorporate crucial entrepreneurial mindsets into any subject area. Equip yourself with the tools and insights to inspire the next generation of diverse changemakers.

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Groups we’ve worked with:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultral Organization
Bonham Independent School District logo
San Antonio hispanic chamber of commerce
Trinity University logo

We've also worked with:

  • Magellan International
  • Anne Frank Academy
  • Locke Hill Elementary
  • Rhodes Elementary School
  • Brookes Academy School
  • Westlake ISD
  • Keystone School
  • San Antonio ISD
  • Northside ISD
  • Judson ISD
  • North East ISD
  • River City Believers Academy
  • Harmon Public Schools
  • Construction Careers Academy
  • St. Anthony Catholic School
  • Ann Richards School

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