Entrepreneurship Survey Toolkit

About the survey toolkit:

Assess and improve your entrepreneurship program and use the collected data for reporting and evaluation. Surveys are given one time at the end of the program and are 10-20 minutes in length.

Recommended for:  Any 1-12 grade in-school or out of school time programs

The Entrepreneurship Survey Toolkit can be used with ANY entrepreneurship program to measure the change in mindsets & skills. Available in English and Spanish.
The Toolkit consists of:
entrepreneurial mindset with Professional Dev & Training

Instructor Survey

Elementary 101 Youth Entrepreneurship Online Course

Lower Elementary Survey

Three young students, two girls and a boy, intently look at a computer screen in their social entrepreneurship program, showing curiosity and engagement. The boy wears glasses.

Upper Elementary Survey

A smiling young woman involved in a social entrepreneurship program, holding up an open notebook and a pair of earphones close to the camera in a circular frame.

Secondary Survey

View our Interactive Impact Dashboards:

Examples of Data Collected

After completing a VentureLab program, youth reported:

said it gave them new career ideas
0 %
said they were more interested in STEM
0 %
said they learned to be more creative
0 %
said they enjoyed the program
0 %
said it increased their problem solving skills
0 %
said they were more confident in their abilities
0 %
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