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As the female CEO of a tech startup, Dr. Cristal Glangchai was outnumbered twenty to one. At Google, Twitter, and Facebook, women currently fill just ten to twenty percent of technical jobs. While career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math have increased dramatically in the past twenty years, the achievement gap between men and women has only grown wider.

In VentureGirls, Glangchai offers a unique solution based on her own experience as an engineer and entrepreneur as well as the founder of the VentureLab. Practical, accessible, and filled with success stories, VentureGirls argues that a key part of raising strong, confident young women is giving them the tools of entrepreneurship to engage in STEM.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies, Glangchai writes, it is a skillset and a way of thinking that is particularly useful in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Entrepreneurship involves identifying needs, brainstorming creative solutions, innovating, and taking calculated risks. In short, it’s about having a vision and making it a reality. The true value in learning and practicing entrepreneurship, Glangchai argues, lies in nurturing and growing an overall mindset—the ability to learn from failure and to work well with others to bring your ideas to life.

Deeply informative, warm, and grounded in real-world experience, VentureGirls includes a plethora of activities and lessons that focus on strengthening kids’ ingenuity and resilience. VentureGirls is essential reading for anyone who wants to raise girls and young women who realize their strength, engage in the world, and feel empowered to make a positive impact.

Sheryl Sculley

Cristal Glangchai is an inspirational figure—a woman scientist, engineer, and high-tech entrepreneur who has succeeded in a world dominated by men. In her book VentureGirls, she shares the spirit that has driven her and that she is now spreading to thousands of girls (and boys) through her remarkable educational program.

David Cohen

What is a VentureGirl? It’s a girl with the creativity, cleverness, and courage to start her own business and pursue her dreams. Here’s hoping Cristal Glangchai’s powerful book will help jumpstart the careers of some of the millions of VentureGirls the world so desperately needs!

Danny Anderson

VentureGirls is a roadmap to a better future. Cristal Glangchai moves us beyond gender bias to full engagement in STEM and entrepreneurial education. Her teaching connects girls to their mathematical, scientific, and entrepreneurial potential, empowering the young women of today to solve the problems of tomorrow, to serve and create markets, and to achieve new levels of innovation and insight. This is the future we all want.

Dirk Elmendorf

Cristal Glangchai’s book gives girls the tools they need to take advantage of the opportunities of the 21st century.

Alan Schoenbaum

Let’s face it, diversity makes companies better. It is obvious that America needs more female entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and business leaders in order to grow the economy. How can we accelerate this? Entrepreneur, educator, and author Cristal Glangchai has written a powerful, inspirational book to guide us. VentureGirls is a must-read for parents who want their children to excel as entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is filled with practical advice built on years of research and experience. Cristal Glangchai is a change maker of the first order.

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