Sparking the fullest

potential in every kid.

Who We Are

We are a team of entrepreneurs, self-proclaimed nerds, and non-profit leaders who left their day jobs to create entrepreneurship programs for youth. Our mission? To build a global community of talented instructors so we can make entrepreneurship education available to kids all around the world.


Glanchai, PHD

Founder/CEO, Chief Evangelizer

About me:

Cristal is a scientist, entrepreneur, and mentor passionate about developing the next generation of creative leaders. With a background in engineering, technology, and science, her professional accomplishments are good fodder for advanced tongue twisters. Her passion for igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in girls led her to found VentureLab in 2013 and to write the VentureGirls book. As Chief Evangelizer, she spreads the Entrepreneurial Learning gospel wherever she goes and encourages our team to #DreamBig. Outside of planning an education revolution, she love reading, jiu jitsu, and searching for new unicorn-themed swag.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, BA, Plan II, MS, Biomedical Engineering, PhD, Biomedical Engineering University of Texas, Austin

My dad was an olympian.
I've made my own nano-particles
I was a guest voice for the original My Little Pony series



Director of Programs, Girls' Empowerment Champion

About me:

Leslie serves as our guiding lighthouse of program development. She beams with passion for raising girls' confidence and sparking their interest in entrepreneurship and STEM (and it's safe to say the world is a bit better off because of it). With her background in nonprofit leadership and women and girl's advancement, she brings an inclusive lens to our educational offerings. A "Brunch Connoisseur," hit her up for recommendations on where to find wicked good bagels in Boston.


BA, Haverford College, Pyschology

Says hello to every dog she passes
Has been stung by bees on 7 different occassions
Has gone black water rafting



Product Designer, Magician

About me:

Our digital magician, Stephanie uses her design powers for good (on most days) to make sure our community of instructors have a top-notch experience. At work, she conjures up e-books that guide learning and keeps her design switch on at all times. She uses design to solve real-life problems like creating interactive animated book covers to drive interest in reading. She's a master communicator, in both digital and human languages, and determined to help the next generation grow their confidence in STEM and turn great ideas into a reality. She's also determined to help her beloved children grow. #PlantMom


BS, University of Texas, Advertising, with certificates in Computer Science and Digital Art and Media

I studied Latin for seven years
I have never been to ACL Festival
I once fainted and fell into a campfire



Director of Education and Training, Teacher on Staff

About me:

Scott is a lifelong learner and construction major turned educator. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Construction Science in the College of Architecture. He spent 3 years with PeaceCorps Panama before returning to the states to pursue a career as a bilingual educator. He has taught in rural and urban school districts to a population of diverse students. While teaching in public schools, Scott also led STEAM based summer camps, held community language classes, mentored university students, and delivered professional development to parents, community members, and other educators.


BS in Construction Science College of Architecture

I was on a conference call with President Obama.
I have been sky diving.
I have walked from sea to shining sea.