VentureLab is a nonprofit organization that is helping create the next generation of innovators and changemakers through entrepreneurial learning.

Our Approach: Everyone Can be Entrepreneurial

At VentureLab, we believe entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies.

It is a skillset and a way of thinking. It involves identifying needs, brainstorming creative solutions, taking calculated risks, learning from failure, and persevering despite setbacks. In short, it’s about having a vision and making it a reality.

Anyone can be entrepreneurial in her own way (think back to that summer you spent selling lemonade as a kid!). Even artists and doctors may open their own gallery or practice. That’s why we focus on nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset—the ability to learn from failure, be resourceful and confident, and work well with others to bring your ideas to life.

Students presenting a project in front of an audience and judges at a social entrepreneurship program event.

Our programs cover key concepts in the following areas.

Infographic titled "Entrepreneurial Mindsets" by VentureLab 2020, listing traits like creativity, teamwork, and resilience, and skills including public speaking, market research, and design thinking—perfect for implementing in a K12 entrepreneur curriculum.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Innovative education to create confident kids ready for an ever-changing future.

We empower instructors with the resources needed to introduce youth to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the key mindsets of entrepreneurial thinking. But above all, we focus on creating fun, interactive and hands-on learning resources that foster an entrepreneurial mindset that students will use in and out of school, and for a lifetime.

Entrepreneurship Brings Learning to Life: ESTEAM

Entrepreneurial learning brings science and technology to life through real work applications


ESTEAM enrichment for your classroom

VentureLab combines science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics under the lens of entrepreneurship and give students the knowledge to take their learning beyond the classroom.

Science icon

The Scientific method informs design challenges:

Hypothesizing, testing, improving and trying new things are not only key to entrepreneurship – students rely on the scientific method to bring science to life in the products they create.

Technology icon

Invention is brought to life with Technology:

VentureLab doesn’t just introduce students to technology – our curriculum provides them with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals behind it to use in the development of their products and companies.

Engineering icon

Engineering isn't just a skillset - it's also a mindset:

Working in terms and viewing mistakes as opportunities, students experience engineering the way it happens in the real world – introducing them to the creative problem-solving side of entrepreneurship.

Art and design icon

Art/Design can be brought to life by entrepreneurs:

Every kind of creative idea has a place and can be brought to wider audiences with an entrepreneurial mindset. Expression through art is an integral part of creating a product.

math icon

When creating a budget, Math is key:

Entrepreneurship students develop crucial mathematics and analytical thinking skills through the creation of budgets for their product and the development of financial literacy knowledge as they build their company.

Built With VentureGirls in Mind

To create a world where girls and boys are actively building the future.

We believe all kids should reap the benefits of entrepreneurial learning and a creative, resilient outlook that they can use for a lifetime. Yet because girls are often dissuaded from pursuing careers in fields deemed more appropriate for men, we’ve designed our programs around best practices for growing a visionary, innovative, resourceful, and persistent mindset and ‘heartset’ that they already possess.

Our curriculum inspires collaboration, skill-building, communication, and creativity by:

  • Providing opportunities for group work, prototyping, and hands-on learning.
  • Demonstrating examples of real-world challenges and inspiring female role models tackling them.
  • Encouraging problem-solving for a cause to make STEM and entrepreneurship (ESTEAM) applicable to the world around them.
  • Creating opportunities for risk-taking and confidence-building.
  • Helping instructors establish a safe (and brave) space for creativity and exploration.
Entrepreneurship education boosts students’ and especially girls’, interest in STEM by building their confidence and helping them develop problem-solving skills. This way, we use the teaching power of entrepreneurship to build girls’ confidence and encourage our youth to create something new and explore futures in STEM, entrepreneurship, and other subjects they’re passionate about.

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