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At VentureLab, we’re creating the next generation of innovators and changemakers by equipping educators, parents, and youth leaders with training, curriculum and educational materials to teach the entrepreneurial mindset.


Our programs and products promote fun, hands-on, experiential learning that focus on strengthening kids’ entrepreneurial thinking, ingenuity, creativity, and confidence.


We encourage young people, and especially girls, to be independent thinkers. We believe the true value in learning and practicing entrepreneurship lies in nurturing and growing an overall mindset and skillset–the ability to be confident and creative, to learn from failure, and to work well with others to bring your ideas to life–and we work with the adults in kids’ lives to ensure this mindset and skillset is supported and encouraged.


We started with just a few camps for girls and realized how important the entrepreneurial mindset is for everyone. In the past year, we’ve:

• Received global attention for our youth entrepreneurship curriculum and professional development training
• Garnered national press for the best-selling book VentureGirls by our founder Dr. Cristal Glangchai
• Adopted an ambitious strategic plan and begun building an engaged Board of Directors to support organizational capacity

We’re now looking to sustain and grow that impact by hiring the following positions:


Freelance Curriculum Writer

Job Description

We are seeking a freelance Curriculum Writer to be responsible for developing, creating, and editing a variety of educational materials that make entrepreneurial learning come to life for young people, and especially girls. Our learning materials incorporate the mindset (e.g. creativity, curiosity, empathy, and courage) and skillset (e.g. idea generation, market research design thinking, prototyping and pitching) and are intentionally designed with how girls’ learn best in mind.


We are looking for multiple writers who have experience writing high school level curriculum (grades 8-12).


Ideal candidates will:

• Share the company’s vision and commitment and be passionate about preparing today’s youth with the mindset and skillset they need to succeed in 21st century jobs

• Implement best practices to engage middle and high school students

• Understand the principles of maker education, design thinking, and project/problem based learning

• Have an understanding of how girls learn best/how to keep girls from falling into a set of limited beliefs about their potential

• Have experience writing or teaching youth entrepreneurship (preferred, not required)

• Have experience with CTE, afterschool, and/or summer programming (preferred, not required)



• College graduate with a degree in Education or a related field

• 3+ years teaching middle/high school students (in school or afterschool setting) 

• Experience in curriculum writing 

• Experience in adult education (preferred)  



• Review and revise existing curriculum for quality and age appropriateness

• Develop original activities on a variety of topics related to the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset that: 

          • Are simple to implement

          • Are interactive, hands-on and engaging

          Promote collaboration, communication and problem-solving

          • Are consistent with our brand promises: fun, innovative, inclusive

• Collaborate with other curriculum writers 

• Respond to and implement feedback from VentureLab team in a timely manner

• Consistently meet assigned deadlines



VentureLab is located in Austin, TX.  This is a remote position/can be done from anywhere.

Strong preference will be given to candidates who have a background in delivering training and professional development to adults. VentureLab curriculum writers may have additional opportunities to deliver professional development based on VentureLab’s youth entrepreneurship curriculum.


To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to VentureLab at

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