Get Creative with the Wacky Inventions Game

Wacky Inventions Game

The Wacky Inventions game is a unique exercise that inspires creativity through play and curiosity. By considering two different ordinary objects, players are challenged to combine them into a brand new product, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation.




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Entrepreneurs can use play and their curiosity about the world around them to explore and innovate products and services. Creating something new and that does not exist requires the use of imagination. This game isn’t just about having fun; it’s about practicing real-world entrepreneurial skills in an engaging way.

Using our imagination to consider ‘wacky’ ideas is more than a game; it’s a methodology that leads to creative thinking and potentially groundbreaking products or services that could change the world. It’s a way to foster innovation and originality, traits highly valued in entrepreneurship.

Download the printable Wacky Inventions activity:

Watch the Wacky Inventions video:

After completing the Wacky Inventions game, engage in reflective conversation with players to reveal deeper insights:

  • • What did you do to show curiosity and creativity?
  • • How do entrepreneurs come up with new ideas? Do you think you did any of those things today when you were coming up with wacky inventions?
  • • Did you like using existing products and coming up with new ways to use them? How might that help you as an entrepreneur? 

This game isn’t just an amusing pastime; it’s a powerful educational tool. By participating in the wacky inventions game, students, educators, and budding entrepreneurs alike can cultivate the essential skills needed for innovative thinking. Download the printable worksheet and guide today to see how this game can transform your classroom or group activity into a hotbed of creativity and entrepreneurial learning.

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