Growth Mindset with the VentureLab Workbook

Growth Mindset

Entrepreneurs know they can do anything and improve at anything because their brains grow as they learn new things and practice new skills. We call this growth mindset. This week’s activities help show us how our brains can grow with practice and persistence!

Check out the video:


Download the activities (English)

Download the activities (Spanish)

This week’s activities are:

  • How Do You Show Growth Mindset? Draw or write ways that you flex your growth mindset powers at home

  • I Used to Be… Discover the ways you’ve already grown and changed to learn new skills

  • Timeline of Learning. Draw pictures and use words to describe how you could learn a new skill

  • Teach Yourself Something New. Think about 3 things you’ve always wanted to learn to do, then learn one!

Download the VentureLab Workbook in English

Download the VentureLab Workbook in Spanish

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