Entrepreneurship Education Downloads and Printables

Bring entrepreneurship education to life with our free entrepreneurship education downloads and printables – a treasure trove of free educational resources to engage and inspire your students. Explore the variety of printable activities, games, and exercises designed to help students develop essential skills like creativity, critical thinking, empathy, financial literacy, and problem-solving. Enhance your classroom experience with these fun, interactive resources that encourage students to embrace entrepreneurial mindsets, build resilience, and ignite innovation.

Printable Entrepreneurial Mindset Cards

Printable Entrepreneurial Mindset Cards

Discover VentureLab’s printable Entrepreneurial Mindset Cards. They are a versatile teaching tool designed to spark creativity, resilience, and growth mindset in students of all ages. These cards provide educators with engaging prompts and activities that foster entrepreneurial thinking. Explore the collection and see how you can transform your classroom into an incubator for future innovators.

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Play the Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey game

Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Game

Get the warm fuzzies with this all-ages Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving game that’s focused on gratitude. There’s no cutting required for this activity; simply print off our Thankful Turkey and pass out some pens, markers, or crayons.

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Illustration of toys including a penguin, bear, rocket, ducks, basketball, tablet, and truck under a "Build a Toy Business" banner with colorful triangular pennants in the background. Ideal for K12 entrepreneur curriculum or teaching entrepreneurship to young minds.

Build a Toy Business Activity

This activity encourages youth to work through the entrepreneurship process and features ideation, market research, prototyping, and pitching. All of this with a fun twist: making a toy business!

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A poster with text "Practice Teamwork with the Marshmallow Challenge!" above the Venture Lab logo, featuring a rocket icon and the tagline "Entrepreneurial Learning." Background is multicolored with abstract shapes, emphasizing youth entrepreneurship education.

Marshmallow Challenge Activity

This isn’t your ordinary marshmallow challenge! This activity takes an in-depth entrepreneurial look at the design process and inspires reflection on each stage. Youth will

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A blue envelope containing a letter titled "Dear friend," with pink lines and a heart graphic, under the heading "Empathy Coupons." Teaching entrepreneurship, the VentureLab logo is at the bottom of the envelope.

Free Resource: Empathy Coupons

This activity asks students to be mindful and “walk in the shoes” of someone they know by considering what makes that person happy, creating a coupon, and then carrying out the action to deliver happiness and take empathy to action. 

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VentureLab Entrepreneurial Learning presents the 'Look, No Hands!' activity for teaching adaptability, featuring a hand graphic and an adaptability icon on a colorful background. This engaging exercise is perfect for youth entrepreneurship education, inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Free “Look, No Hands!” Adaptability Activity

Explore VentureLab’s ‘Look No Hands’ activity, a fun and interactive way to teach adaptability to youth. Ideal for instilling problem-solving and resilience, this free guide is part of our mission to create the next generation of diverse innovators. Download the activity now and bring a fresh perspective to learning adaptability skills in your classroom!

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