Imagination Activity to Inspire Creativity and Play

This activity is a fun and silly improvisation game designed to create a safe learning space and inspire creative thinking. Participants will take an ordinary object and change it into ANYTHING they can think of!

Check out the activity video (available in English and Spanish):

Play helps entrepreneurs innovate because it’s risk-free—there’s no judgment. When entrepreneurs free themselves from worrying about having the right or wrong answer, they can discover something new. Anyone can practice and improve their creative abilities. Entrepreneurs think outside the box and use their imagination to reimagine the world around them.

Download the activity page (English)

Download the activity page (Spanish)

Once you complete the imagination activity, ask everyone who played:

  • What was the most challenging part of this activity?
  • How can being silly and creative help us invent new things?
  • Which ideas did you think were the wackiest?

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