Entrepreneurial Mindset Cards (and Random Card Picker!)

Entrepreneurship is more than a starting a business. It’s a way of thinking you can practice at school, work, or anywhere in life. Recognizing these mindsets is an essential part of growing as an entrepreneur. That’s why we created our Mindset Cards!

These handy mindset cards make great icebreakers for kids and adults! We’ve got two fun ways for you to try the cards: printable cards you can cut out and use anywhere or a digital random card generator for virtual settings!

These cards can be used at school, at work, and at home.  Looking for fun ways to use these cards? Here’s a few ideas:

Mindset Card Games

There are 24 mindset cards in a deck. (Some suggested ways to play may require more than one deck when using printed cards.)

  •  • Game 1: Each player is dealt 1 card (printed or through the card generator). Players take turns to read the mindset definition and answer the question on the card.
  •  • Game 2: Each player is dealt 2 cards and explains how the mindsets are in some way connected. (If the two cards both have the same mindset, swap a card!)
  •  • Game 3: Give the complete deck to 1 player or to a group of players. Have them arrange and then explain how they perceive the mindsets to be connected.
  •  • Game 4: Each player is dealt 1 card. One card is then placed in the middle. Each player must explain how their mindset card is in some way connected to the mindset card in the middle.

Mindset Cards as Recognition

Empathy Award
Mindset cards can also be used to recognize when a student displays entrepreneurial thinking in the classroom or anywhere.

  •  • Idea 1: Give students the cards as recognition when they display a mindset or you want to encourage them to apply a specific mindset.
  •  • Idea 2: Provide each student with a deck and encourage them to share them with their friends and classmates.

Creative Places to Use the Cards

  •  • For adults, try using the cards as an icebreaker on your next Zoom call! Just link the random generator in chat for easy access. You can cut out the cards or use the generator on your phone for in-person meetings, too!
  •  • For families, try using the cards around the dinner table as a conversation starter. They also work great on long car trips!
  •  • For educators, use the cards as a warm-up or a transition activity.

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