Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Game

Play the Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey game

Get the warm fuzzies with this all-ages  Thanksgiving game that’s focused on gratitude. There’s no cutting required for this activity;  simply print off our Thankful Turkey and pass out some pens, markers, or crayons. 

How to play Thankful Turkey


  1. Each player gets their own Thankful Turkey sheet. Write your name somewhere at the top of your turkey.
  2. Pass your turkey to the player to your right. Check whose turkey you have using the name at the top, then write what you appreciate about that person in one of the feathers on the turkey! (It’s okay to go outside the lines if you need more space.)
  3. Once everyone has written their note, pass along the turkey to the player to your right again. Write a note on another feather! This cycle repeats until everyone has their original turkey back.
  4. Once you have your own turkey, take the time to write a kind message to yourself, then read all the messages from others.
  5. If you run out of turkey feathers, it’s okay to draw more to keep writing notes!

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