Free “Look, No Hands!” Adaptability Activity

VentureLab Entrepreneurial Learning presents the 'Look, No Hands!' activity for teaching adaptability, featuring a hand graphic and an adaptability icon on a colorful background. This engaging exercise is perfect for youth entrepreneurship education, inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Entrepreneurs don’t always know what challenges they will face. They have to find new ways to make their ideas work when problems arise. This is called ADAPTABILITY. (Learn more about adaptability!) In this adaptability activity, youth will be asked to quickly draw 5 circles and turn them into anything they can imagine. They will then be presented with the challenge of doing the same thing without the use of their hands!

Materials and Resources

  • Paper for each youth
  • Pencil/crayon/marker
  • Circular logo with the word "Adaptability Mindset" around the border and a stylized image of a flexible, winding strip in the center, using a purple and white color scheme.


  • Read through adaptability activity.
  • Gather materials.


1. Give each youth a sheet of paper and something to write with.

2. Tell them they have 1 to 3 minutes to draw 5 circles and use their imagination to turn the circle into anything they can think of.

3. Model this by drawing one circle and making it into a tree, an alien, or something from your imagination. Remind them that the goal is not a perfect drawing, but an image that really uses the imagination.

4. At the end of one minute, have the youth share their drawings with the group and what they were thinking.

5. Now, tell youth you are going to give them a challenge and they must adapt to find a way to overcome it. Have the youth repeat the word “adapt” to practice saying the word.

How do you show adaptability? Youth entrepreneurship
Learn more about how to recognize and encourage adaptability in your youth here!

6. Tell them that entrepreneurs don’t always know what challenges they will face. They have to make changes, or adapt, when problems come up to find new ways to make their ideas work. This is called ADAPTABILITY.

7. Present them with the challenge of again drawing 5 circles and using their imagination to turn the circle into anything they can think of but without using hands!

8. They might use their elbows, their toes, or you can provide the students with paper, tape, and scissors. They can use their hands to build tools, but they cannot use their hands in any way while drawing.

9. Give them 5-10 minutes to work. Walk around and notice out loud how they are adapting the use of their foot or of materials to complete the challenge.

10. Have each student present their 5 circles and explain the different ways they adapted to draw without hands. 

Looking for more ways to practice adaptability?

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