Financial Literacy for Kids with the VentureLab Workbook

Financial Literacy for Kids

If you’ve been following our workbook series, been practicing all the ways that entrepreneurs think – practicing these mindsets helps you develop into a strong entrepreneur. The other thing you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur is financial literacy, which means that you understand how money works – like how to make it, save it, and use it to help yourself, your relatives, and your community. Entrepreneurs need to know about money to:

  • Build their businesses
  • Create their products
  • Take out loans
  • Avoid a lot of debt
  • Find investors
  • Buy their materials
  • Pay for advertising
  • Hire other people

This week’s activities are:

  • Coin Rubbings. Take a closer look at the pocket change you see every day.

  • New Bill Design. Redesign the dollar bill your own way.

  • Follow the Money. Take a look at the cycle of money through a classic lemonade stand.

  • Thank You. Write a thank you note to someone who has given you money in the past!

  • Jobs People Have. Explore the different ways people make money in their careers.

And lots more! Download below:

Download Financial Literacy Activities (English)!


Download Financial Literacy Activities (Spanish)!

Download the full VentureLab Workbook in English

Download the full VentureLab Workbook in Spanish

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