Learn About Yourself with the VentureLab Workbook

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We at VentureLab want to say welcome to the VentureLab Entrepreneurial Mindsets workbook! We hope the activities show you that anyone can be an entrepreneur with the right mindsets. This week’s activities inspire us to think about what motivates us and our strengths.

Check out the activity video playlist:


Download the activities (English)

Download the activities (Spanish)

This week’s activities are:

  • What Matters Most? List out what you care about most to help you with future problem solving.

  • What if I Could… Write out your dreams and hopes, no matter how wild! What if you could do anything?

  • Create a Mind Map. Create a mind map of your dream list and think about what it might take to achieve some of them. (watch activity video here)

  • Goal Setting. Choose a goal and imagine the steps it will take to achieve it. (watch activity video here)

  • What Are Your Superpowers? Write down your strengths and illustrate them.

Download the VentureLab Workbook in English

Download the VentureLab Workbook in Spanish

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