Learning to Embrace Failure with the VentureLab Workbook

A young girl with a serious facial expression against a white and blue background, with the words "Embracing Failure" in bold text above her head. The image embodies the spirit of youth entrepreneurship education, highlighting the importance of resilience in a K12 entrepreneur curriculum.

Entrepreneurs see mistakes as ways to learn new things. They know that it’s okay to not succeed every time you try something. We call this embracing failure.

You embrace failure when you:

  • Get back on your bike after you fall off.
  • Try reading a book again after it seemed too hard the first time.
  • Come up with a new business idea when the last one didn’t work out.

This week’s activities are:

  • How Do You Embrace Failure? Write ways that you embrace failure when facing challenges in your life.
  • Tower Challenge. Build a tower as tall as you can by overcoming challenges! Reflect on how you persevere through failures while constructing.
  • Baking Without a Recipe. Try baking entirely without a recipe. See what goes right (and wrong)! What did you learn from your mistakes?
  • Slime Your Way. Make slime your own way using whatever you can think of around the house. What can you learn from what does and doesn’t work?
  • Who Failed Today? Come together with a group (like your family!) and discuss how you failed today. Remember that everyone (especially entrepreneurs) faces failure, and that’s okay!
  • Motivational Poster. Color in or doodle on our FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) poster and hang it up to remind you to embrace failure.

Download Embracing Failure Activities (Spanish)!

Download Embracing Failure Activities (English)!

Download the full VentureLab Workbook in English

Download the full VentureLab Workbook in Spanish

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