Intro to Entrepreneurship with the VentureLab Workbook

Intro to Entrepreneurship

We at VentureLab want to say welcome to the VentureLab Entrepreneurial Mindsets workbook! We hope the activities show you that anyone can be an entrepreneur with the right mindsets. This week’s activities serve as an introduction to entrepreneurship, showing the mindsets anyone can use to become an entrepreneur!

Check out the activity video playlist:



Download the activities (English)


Download the activities (Spanish)

This week’s activities are:

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship. Identify the ways you’re already entrepreneurial and areas where you can grow! (watch activity video here)

  • Visit a Local Company. To get started on your entrepreneurial journey, reach out to a local company! It could be anything from a local restaurant to a pet store, or a toy store or a bakery. (watch activity video here)

  • Your Entrepreneurial Self. Spend 10-15 minutes drawing or making a collage or clay model of yourself. Get creative! The model could be anything you want it to be – who you are or what you dream to be. (watch activity video here)

  • Your Logo. Develop your logo. Use whatever colors and symbols you want. After you’ve designed it, you might want to put it on a big poster and hang it up at home!

  • Idea Journal. Keep all your work in one place so you know what you’ve done and what you need to do to make your idea a reality. (watch activity video here)



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