3 Free Adaptability Activities

A child wearing a construction helmet holds a cordless drill, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship education. The background has a text bubble saying "3 Free Adaptability Activities" and a circular icon labeled "Adaptability," making it perfect for promoting K12 entrepreneur curriculum initiatives.

Entrepreneurs don’t always know what challenges they will face. They have to make changes when problems come up and find new ways to make their ideas work. This is called adaptability. You’re adaptable when you:

  • Find a way to have fun on your own when your friends can’t play.
  • Play tag instead of soccer at recess when the soccer ball is missing.
  • Keep trying new ways to build your product so it works how you want it to.

This week’s activities are:

  • How Do You Practice Adaptability? Write ways that you practice adaptability at home, at school, and in your community.
  • Yes! Let’s! Play a game that allows ideas to build and change with group suggestions.
  • 101 Uses for A… Race against the clock to come up with as many uses as possible for household items.


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