Free Entrepreneurship Education Resources

Ignite entrepreneurial thinking with VentureLab’s free entrepreneurship education resources! Discover hands-on activities, downloads and printables, and ESTEAM-based challenges that empower students of all ages to develop essential skills, think critically, and collaborate effectively.

Elevate your teaching and help shape the next generation of diverse innovators with these free entrepreneurship education resources. Dive into our collection of inspiring, engaging, and free educational tools!

Courage VenureLab Youth Entrepreneurship

4 Free Courage Activities

Entrepreneurs have to be brave. They must try new things, talk to new people, take risks and solve problems that others are afraid to tackle. This is called courage!

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A child wearing a construction helmet holds a cordless drill, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship education. The background has a text bubble saying "3 Free Adaptability Activities" and a circular icon labeled "Adaptability," making it perfect for promoting K12 entrepreneur curriculum initiatives.

3 Free Adaptability Activities

Entrepreneurs don’t always know what challenges they will face. They have to make changes when problems come up and find new ways to make their ideas work. This is called adaptability.

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11 free resources for learning pods and small groups

11 Free Youth Entrepreneurship Activities for Learning Pods

Our list of 11 Free Resources for Learning Pods is a versatile collection of activities for grades K-12. Tailored for small group settings, these hands-on learning experiences include entrepreneurial projects and STEM activities, perfect for inspiring creativity and collaboration. Whether you’re an educator, parent, or facilitator, explore these resources to enhance your teaching strategies and nurture the next generation of innovators.

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14 fun ways to group students

14 Fun Ways to Group Up Students

Explore 14 innovative student grouping strategies designed to foster collaboration and creativity in the classroom. Whether you’re an educator looking to mix things up or searching for new ways to engage students, VentureLab’s guide offers adaptable methods for various learning environments. Discover how these techniques can be a part of creating the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers.

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