Entrepreneurship Education Activities

Enhance your entrepreneurship education with VentureLab’s Entrepreneurship Education Activities, offering free, hands-on resources to engage and inspire your students. Discover a range of exercises designed to develop essential skills like creativity, critical thinking, empathy, financial literacy, and observation. Empower your students to embrace entrepreneurial mindsets, cultivate resourcefulness, and solve problems creatively.

Observation, Empathy & Problem Solving Activity

In this activity, students will practice actively observing and empathizing while viewing an image. They will then come up with a problem, as well as a product or service that might help solve that problem. Then it will be their turn to try it on their own!

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Sing along to the Entrepreneur Song!

It’s never too early to start giving kids the gift of language and the vocabulary they need to think about themselves and the world around them! VentureLab created the Entrepreneur Song as a fun and meaningful way to give students access to the vocabulary around entrepreneurial learning and thinking.

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youth playing the pitch game

Free Activity: Pitch Game

We often hear from teachers that they would love to incorporate entrepreneurial learning into their classes but have limited time. We wanted to give you a quick, easy way to introduce the entrepreneurial process and the associated mindsets and skills.

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