Creativity and Innovation with Reverse Brainstorming

reverse brainstorming is a tool to help come up with new ideas

Think outside the box to find creative solutions to challenges with reverse brainstorming! This isn’t your normal brainstorming technique: instead of solving a problem, you make it worse!

Check out the activity video:

Entrepreneurs solve problems by creating innovative products, services, or apps. 

Coming up with ideas, especially ones that are unique, can be challenging. Reverse brainstorming helps entrepreneurs view things from a different perspective or point of view to create innovative solutions.

Many people think that great ideas come from “light bulb” moments or sudden realizations. But being creative doesn’t just happen!  The reality is that being creative is a skill that entrepreneurs practice and improve.

Check out this awesome video of Girl Scout Gabby practicing reverse brainstorming:

When brainstorming (whether you’re looking for solutions or ways to make a problem worse), don’t forget the brainstorming rules:

  1. Go for large quantities of ideas. The more the better. 
  2. There are no bad ideas (all ideas get recorded—if you are working on your own, do not edit out ideas and, if you are in a group, do not criticize others’ ideas or make judgments).
  3. Encourage wild and exaggerated ideas (anything goes in brainstorming)!
  4. Capture everything – every idea must be recorded!

At VentureLab, we know that entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business. It’s a mindset and skill set. That’s why we don’t start youth with business models: we start them with creativity! Discover all of our mindsets and skills (plus awesome downloadable posters) here.

If you’re looking for more ways to get creative at home, try Wacky Inventions or our Imagination Activity!

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