Observation, Empathy & Problem Solving Activity

The image displays a tangled line becoming straight, with "Observation, Empathy & Problem Solving Activity" written in white text against a blue background, symbolizing the foundational elements of youth entrepreneurship education.

In this activity, students will practice actively observing and empathizing while viewing an image. They will then come up with a problem, as well as a product or service that might help solve that problem. Then it will be their turn to try it on their own!

Check out the activity video:


Entrepreneurs don’t look around and see just problems; they see opportunities to innovate and create. 

Entrepreneurs use observation and empathy to understand how other people feel and what’s important to them. This allows them to identify possible problems and come up with solutions.

Shift your perspective!  Instead of saying “find a problem to solve,” try to find:

  • a need to fill
  • a challenge to address
  • an opportunity to improve

Use observation and empathy fill a need in this image or find a challenge address around your house or in your community:

  • What do you notice?
  • What challenges might this customer have?
  • What product or service might this customer need to address them?

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