Sing along to the Entrepreneur Song!

It’s never too early to start giving kids the gift of language and the vocabulary they need to think about themselves and the world around them! VentureLab created the Entrepreneur Song as a fun and meaningful way to give students access to the vocabulary around entrepreneurial learning and thinking.

Kids naturally exhibit entrepreneurial thinking like being curious but need reinforcement and guidance in others such as persistence, optimism, and empathy. It also presents the steps of the entrepreneurial process from idea generation to pitch. Kids discover these words used in context while joyfully singing! Music is a powerful form of expression and can be a tool for learning. (Read more about that here.)

The VentureLab Entrepreneur song covers the entrepreneurial mindset and skills. This song can be used anytime to review the key vocabulary and concepts. Print out the lyrics or display them on a screen so students can follow along with the song below!

The song will introduce students to the basics of how entrepreneurs think and act. It’s a great warm-up, icebreaker and reminder of why students are all working toward having an entrepreneurial mindset! Listen to the song here or using the player below.

The Entrepreneur Song

Design solutions to problems is what we do best

Entrepreneurs try and fail
We learn and change and grow
We never give up, persevere
No matter what the problem

I brainstorm solutions to problems
Then prototype and test

Learn my market ’n’ customers
So they’ll buy the product that’s best

Failure is okay, I know
It’s just how I get better
Have courage, persistence, and empathy
It’s all about the mindset


Enjoy this song? VentureLab offers free entrepreneurship curriculum for elementary up to high school. Check out our curriculum here to help spread the entrepreneurial mindset across the globe!

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