How to Make and Use an Idea Journal

How to Make and Use an Idea Journal

The Idea Journal records the process of creative thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. The Idea Journal is a place for youth to show their creativity outwardly: doodle, decorate, color, and design the Idea Journal any way you like.

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The Idea Journal provides an organized path through the entrepreneurial process. It’s a guide for thinking and space for free expression, as all good entrepreneurs have to find a way to record their thoughts and ideas.

  1. It helps you think. Thinking and being creative is sometimes challenging. Get started by drawing and writing in your journal. Remind yourself, there is no wrong answer, just your thoughts on the page.

  2. It helps you remember. You can always look back at thoughts and ideas you had in the past. Who knows, your old idea might be the next new invention that changes the world!

  3. It helps you organize. Keep all your work in one place so you know what you’ve done and what you need to do to make your idea a reality.

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