Success Stories

At VentureLab we strive to create confident and empowered children whose creative genius is unleashed to solve problems and create solutions.

Our entrepreneurial and experiential courses show kids how to approach a problem like a scientist and an entrepreneur, forever altering their belief in themselves and unlocking potential they didn’t know they had.


VentureLab – Estrella Hernandez and WeWalk

Estrella Hernandez was inspired to build the WeWalk app to encourage her peeres to get more active – VentureLab helped make her idea an reality!

VentureLab – Rhodes Middle School

Experience VentureLab through the eyes of Rhodes Middle School’s students and teachers.


VentureLab – Bonham Academy

Here’s a look into VentureLab’s partnership with Bonham Academy. See what students were able to create in a year with our curriculum.

VentureLab & Seton Home

Experience VentureLab through the eyes of Seton Home’s students and teachers.


Why Entrepreneurship Education?

VentureLab Vignette – Parent Testimonials

VentureLab is able to inspire stories like these thanks to private donations. Want to support future changemakers like these?

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