Opportunity Seeking Observation Walk Activity

Observation Walk Activity

In this activity, students will go on an observation walk to use their five senses and focus on what’s going on around them, then make inferences to find opportunities and offer creative solutions.

Check out the observation walk video:


Entrepreneurs see the world differently.

They view the people, places, and events around them not only as they are, but as they could be. This ability to observe and imagine what is possible is a form of creativity that can be practiced and improved. Entrepreneurs:

  • don’t just see a vacant city lot; they imagine a park where people can gather and play.
  • don’t just hear a bubbling stream during a nature walk; they envision someone working in an office who would find that sound calming.
  • don’t just notice a pile of leaves; they see the possibility of mulch that would fuel a garden.


Entrepreneurs actively observe the world around them to identify problems and opportunities to innovate and create value for others.

During this Observation Walk Activity, students will use their 5 senses and focus on what’s going on around them. First, they should record objective observations. Then they can begin to make inferences based on their own thoughts and beliefs before using their imagination to come up with opportunities and solutions.

Keep in mind, there are many examples of creative ideas that didn’t last very long because they were solutions based only on the entrepreneurs’ inferences about what the customer needed, instead of what the customer actually wanted. So be sure to follow up on your ideas by performing market research!

When entrepreneurs free themselves from worrying about having the right or wrong answer, they can discover something new. Anyone can practice and improve their creative abilities. Entrepreneurs think outside the box and use their imagination to re-imagine the world around them.

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