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Curiosity is active

Curiosity and ‘Creative Mischief’

Is it curiosity or mischief? Sometimes, it’s both! Curiosity naturally involves testing and refining mental models. When creating our entrepreneurial learning programs, we focus on crafting lessons that cultivate curiosity and reward it.

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Build a Worm Home for the Holidays

In this activity, you’ll build a home using everyday materials for a worm whose house …

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My Entrepreneurial Self

Entrepreneurship & Self Awareness: My Entrepreneurial Self Activity

Entrepreneurs begin with what they know and what they see around them. However, as they look outward to identify challenges and opportunities where they can create value for others, they also must look inward.

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5 Tips for Fostering an Entrepreneurial Learning Environment

When teaching youth entrepreneurship, instructors should serve as mentors, guides, facilitators and champions. Entrepreneurship is …

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Exclusive VentureGirls Excerpt, Plus Get to Know Each Other Activity!

Looking for ways to empower girls in your life? We’re sharing this exclusive excerpt from …

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Tips for Empowering Learning Girls: Part II

To tackle global problems, we need to empower girls with the mindsets and skillset to allow them to grow into passionate innovators.

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