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Free “Look, No Hands!” Adaptability Activity

In this adaptability activity, youth find inventive ways to turn circles into imaginative creations. That’s adapting like an entrepreneur!

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How do you show adaptability? Youth entrepreneurship

Mindset of the Month: Adaptability

Adaptability is making smart changes when challenges arise. It’s a mindset that allows entrepreneurs (like …

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Brainstorming Activity

Learning the 4 Brainstorming Rules and Making a Pig Fly

Brainstorming is a process you can get better at with practice! Learn about the four rules of brainstorming and apply them to a fun challenge: making a pig fly.

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Mindset of the Month: Persistence & Grit

Entrepreneurs keep trying to solve problems even when they face tough times. How can you practice persistence and grit like an entrepreneur?

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Print Your Own VentureLab Mindset Stickers!

Celebrating these mindsets as you spot them is a great way to help youth cultivate entrepreneurial thinking. At VentureLab, we’ve found a fun and easy way to recognize and celebrate: stickers!

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Meet VentureLab Spark Cohort III!

As part of VentureLab Spark Cohort III, six students were able to expand their businesses and grow as entrepreneurs. After receiving supplies to support their businesses, they took part in a four month journey to grow their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills.

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