Introducing Entrepreneurship + Agriculture Program: Where STEM Meets Agriculture

Introducing Entrepreneurship plus Agriculture, our newest program

In a rapidly evolving world, agriculture remains an indispensable sector. But with the myriad challenges it faces, there’s a pressing need for innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. At VentureLab, we’ve always championed the holistic approach of ESTEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) as a vital force in education. Now, we’re melding this philosophy with the realm of agriculture through our Entrepreneurship + Agriculture program. This synergistic approach aims to tackle challenges in the local food system, weaving the threads of entrepreneurship and STEM together.

What does the Entrepreneurship + Agriculture Program offer? 🌱 Our program provides students with an immersive experience, confronting and addressing the real-world challenges our local food systems grapple with. By integrating ESTEAM principles, we’re not just teaching students about agricultural science or sustainable innovations; we’re empowering them to think entrepreneurially, harnessing their creativity and critical thinking skills. The journey encompasses everything from understanding diverse ecosystems and food supply chains to designing venture concepts that resonate with community needs.

Empowering Educators with ESTEAM ✍️ Our commitment extends beyond students. We aim to equip educators with the tools and mindset to bring ESTEAM into classrooms. Our dynamic 3-hour virtual training immerses educators in entrepreneurial mindsets, fostering qualities like empathy, persistence, and creativity. This blend of entrepreneurship with STEM ensures that educators aren’t just facilitating lessons; they’re inspiring the next generation of problem solvers.

Our ongoing support includes:

  • Customizable training schedules tailored for your convenience.
  • Rich digital resources and model projects.
  • Customized coaching sessions for smooth program implementation.

The result? A transformative shift in STEM and CTE programs, now supercharged with entrepreneurial principles.

A Curriculum Designed for the Modern Educator 📚 With the heart of ESTEAM at its core, our curriculum provides educators with an extensive toolkit to navigate entrepreneurial projects. From detailed activity plans and facilitation guides to interactive student materials, we’ve got you covered. Our aim? To ensure students gain a hands-on experience, innovating real-world solutions, and making a tangible impact on agriculture.

Embark on this journey with us, where ESTEAM and agriculture converge, creating a brighter and sustainable future! 🌟🌍

Download free sample Entrepreneurship + Agriculture Curriculum and get started with bringing Entrepreneurship + Agriculture to your youth!

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