The Impact of Youth Entrepreneurship Education in Houston with VentureLab and BakerRipley

BakerRipley Builds Confidence During Little Leaders Summer Camp

Youth Entrepreneurship Learning in Houston

“This program made me way more confident of making my way to achieve a company that I wanted to make.”
– BakerRipley student 

BakerRipley is an organization in Houston, Texas whose mission is to bring resources, education, and connection to emerging neighborhoods. VentureLab was honored to support their cause thanks to the financial support of CenterPoint Energy Foundation.

VentureLab’s Idea to Pitch program was implemented during a week-long summer camp, where BakerRipley students and staff blossomed and bonded! Many students were timid going into the program, but on graduation day,  they were excited and didn’t want to leave.

What educators had to say

“My favorite part was seeing how [students] were in the first class. They were all shy and didn’t want to share anything. At the end, they were all excited about sharing with us their ideas and how their business is going to work.” 

Dany Vierra – Small Business Education Manager

Being an entrepreneur is more than starting a business, it’s a mindset that empowers someone to: 

  • • adapt to the needs of others
  • • have the courage to take risks and try new things,
  • • creatively use resources to respond to challenges, 
  • • persist through failure while learning, and 
  • • be confident in yourself and your abilities. 

And the BakerRipley team EMBODIES the entrepreneurial mindset laid out by VentureLab! They are working hard to make a difference in their community and in the lives of their youths.

We’re proud of the BakerRipley educators who modeled adaptability, courage, empathy, problem solving… ALL of the mindsets of an entrepreneur!

More Than Feels – VentureLab’s Program Provided Real Impact:

After the program, 86% of surveyed students reported wanting to try new problem solving and EVERY student reported being more interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

BakerRipley was provided a full report based on the data collected at the end of the program using VentureLab’s survey tools.


At VentureLab, we are thrilled to witness and support the incredible work that BakerRipley is doing in Texas. This partnership is just one example of how, together, we can inspire and equip the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers. We are excited to continue to expand our reach and foster entrepreneurship education for all youth.

Do you want similar outcomes for your staff and students?

Schedule an exploratory call with Scott Mann, our Director of Education, or contact us about your needs.

VentureLab is on a mission to cultivate the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers by making entrepreneurship education accessible to all youth.

In pursuit of this mission, we support various organizations around the country, including BakerRipley in Houston, Texas. 


Check out a few of the videos of BakerRipley youth practicing their pitches:



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