Idea to Pitch Program

About the program:

With the Idea to Pitch Program, students grow their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills as they apply their passions and strengths to identify opportunities to creatively solve problems, develop their solution into a business, and pitch the idea. The Idea to Pitch Program is also perfect for engaging teachers and students in project based learning.

The program is available for grades1-2, 3-5, and 6-12.

Recommended for: Outside School Time – OST (afterschool, camps, summer, 21st Century Community Learning Centers – CCLC), extended learning, existing STEM programs, any enrichment and supplementary programs

The Idea to Pitch program consists of:

Professional Development

Curriculum Resources

Pitch Event Experience


Impact Post-Survey


The VentureLab Idea to Pitch Program includes flexible curriculum to allow for both in-person and remote learning, plus a thorough instructor’s guide. Differentiated for grades 1-2, 3-5, and 6-12.

Student Workbook

Instructor Guide

Digital Workbook & Interactive Slides

Professional Development

Educators are inherently entrepreneurial as they empathize to understand the needs of their clients, constantly iterate to improve their service, and persist daily to overcome obstacles and challenges!


  • Training: 3 hours and virtual, unlimited seating
  • Scheduling: Custom schedule to fit your needs
  • Coaching: Up to four 60-minute coaching sessions during the program

"Our trainer was an incredibly engaging presenter who kept everyone engaged with creative strategies that made sense. I appreciated his willingness to stop his presentation and adapt to the audience. He made me so excited to use this curriculum."

-Kameran Ulferts, 4-H Extension Educator in STE(A)M, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

Pitch Event Experience

The final day of the program is the Pitch Event! Invite family, friends, and community members to see the courage, confidence, and ideas your students have developed. To prepare for the event, our Idea to Pitch Program provides:

  • Pitch Event Planning Guide: Everything you need to plan and run a pitch event
  • Templates & Certificates: From emails to awards to press releases, all the resources necessary to run an event

Impact Post-Survey

Free Curriculum Through fun, hands-on lessons

Assess and improve your entrepreneurship program and use the collected data for reporting and evaluation. End of of program survey (10-20 minutes each) for the following:

  • Instructor
  • Secondary (grades 6-12)
  • Upper elementary (grades 3-5)
  • Lower elementary (grades 1-2)

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