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But Why? Curiosity Activity

Curiosity is an essential trait of entrepreneurs. At its most basic, curiosity can be as …

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Mindset of the Month: Curiosity

Following our curiosity nurtures crucial underlying strengths like resilience, adaptation, and problem-solving. So, how do we increase the entrepreneurial mindset of curiosity?

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Getting Resourceful with the Egg Drop Challenge

The observation challenge asks us to complete a simple observation task but reveals a much bigger surprise about our ability to actively take in the world around us!

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7 Examples of Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action

Being an entrepreneur is more than starting a business: it’s a way of thinking that can be applied to any opportunity or challenge. Check out these stories to see some of these entrepreneurial mindsets in action!

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Mindset of the Month Resourcefulness

Mindset of the Month: Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is being able and willing to “do more with less.” How do you inspire resourcefulness in your youth? Find out in this blog!

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Entrepreneurship Valentines

12 Free Printable Entrepreneurship Valentines

Our free entrepreneurship Valentine printables celebrate a few of the essential entrepreneurship mindsets and skills!

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