Classroom sings the VentureLab Entrepreneur Song

kids singing the VentureLab Entrepreneur Song

Watch this video of an elementary classroom is singing the VentureLab Entrepreneur Song! It was share with us by Lisa S., an Entrepreneurship Teacher, Nashville, TN. Lisa is teaching our Topics in Entrepreneurship Grades 1-2 curriculum and her class was pretty excited to sing this song about how to be an entrepreneur.

Through catchy tune and rhyme, the VentureLab Entrepreneur Song introduces students to the basics of how entrepreneurs think and act. Print out the lyrics or display them on a screen so students can follow along with the song below!

The Entrepreneur Song

Design solutions to problems is what we do best

Entrepreneurs try and fail
We learn and change and grow
We never give up, persevere
No matter what the problem

I brainstorm solutions to problems
Then prototype and test

Learn my market ’n’ customers
So they’ll buy the product that’s best

Failure is okay, I know
It’s just how I get better
Have courage, persistence, and empathy
It’s all about the mindset

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