STARBASE Robins Summer Camps brings STEM and entrepreneurship to life for Georgia youth

VentureLab Idea to Pitch Summer Program with Starbase Robins

“This program changed me and my skills by seeing different things in running a business, doing things, and encouraging others. I can now encourage myself to keep going when I mess up or make a mistake. This program has made me have more confidence in myself. Thank you!”
-STARBASE Robins Student


STARBASE Robins is a participant of the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network (GSAN) Youth Entrepreneurship Professional Learning Community facilitated by VentureLab.

Through the partnership with GSAN and VentureLab, STARBASE Robins was provided access to VentureLab’s Idea to Pitch Program and received additional training and technical support during their annual STEM Summer Camps. Students and staff had a blast as they applied STEM learning through an entrepreneurial lens.

What Educators had to say:

“I was nervous about doing the entrepreneurship class at first because I did not know how it was going to go, but working though the process is going so well, and I am proud of myself for completing the process and getting students excited about entrepreneurship.
– Ms. Barrett, STARBASE Robins Educator

Being an entrepreneur is more than starting a business, it’s a way of thinking and acting that empowers someone to:

  • have the courage to take risks and try new things
  • adapt to change
  • creatively use resources to respond to challenges
  • persist through failure to learn
  • be confident in yourself and your abilities.

And there is NO ONE more entrepreneurial than educators that work hard to make a difference in the life of the youth they serve.

We’re proud of the STARBASE Robins educators who modeled confidence, courage, empathy, problem solving… ALL of the mindsets of an entrepreneur!

More Than Just Fun – VentureLab’s Program Provided Real Impact:

Idea to Pitch impact at STARBASE Robins

After the program, 86% of surveyed students reported an increase in creativity and an 83% increase in empathy. Seventy-six percent reported they wanted to try new ways of solving problems.

STARBASE Robins was provided a full report based on the data collected at the end of the program using VentureLab’s Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills Data Collection Toolkit.

Impact of Starbase Robins using VentureLab program


At VentureLab, we are thrilled to witness and support the incredible work that STARBASE Robins is doing in Georgia. This partnership is just one example of how, together, we can inspire and equip the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers. We are excited to continue to expand our reach and foster entrepreneurship education for all youth.

Do you want similar outcomes for your staff and students?

Schedule an exploratory call with Scott Mann, our Director of Education, or contact us about your needs.

VentureLab is on a mission to cultivate the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers by making entrepreneurship education accessible to all youth. In pursuit of this mission, we support various organizations around the country, including STARBASE Robins in Georgia.

VentureLab Starbase Robins student impact
VentureLab Starbase Robins student testimonial
VentureLab Starbase Robins impact report
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