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Mindset of the Month Resourcefulness

Mindset of the Month: Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is being able and willing to “do more with less.” How do you inspire resourcefulness in your youth? Find out in this blog!

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Entrepreneurship Valentines

12 Free Printable Entrepreneurship Valentines

Our free entrepreneurship Valentine printables celebrate a few of the essential entrepreneurship mindsets and skills!

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Teaching A Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum
Free Resource

Home School Resources: Teaching A Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Many parents are finding that traditional public school options are inadequate for their children’s education. …

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The Tower Challenge: Embracing Failure

Embracing Failure with the Tower Challenge

We know that cultivating a mindset of embracing failure doesn’t happen in an instant. It …

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embracing failure

Mindset of the Month: Embracing Failure

Most people go out of their way to avoid failure. When they do have a …

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Practical Financial Literacy with the VentureLab Business Builder

In 6 easy steps, The VentureLab Business Builder helps you think through all the important parts of your business, test your plan, and create a business model!

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