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VentureLab Entrepreneurial Learning presents the 'Look, No Hands!' activity for teaching adaptability, featuring a hand graphic and an adaptability icon on a colorful background. This engaging exercise is perfect for youth entrepreneurship education, inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Free “Look, No Hands!” Adaptability Activity

Explore VentureLab’s ‘Look No Hands’ activity, a fun and interactive way to teach adaptability to youth. Ideal for instilling problem-solving and resilience, this free guide is part of our mission to create the next generation of diverse innovators. Download the activity now and bring a fresh perspective to learning adaptability skills in your classroom!

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How do you show adaptability? Youth entrepreneurship

Mindset of the Month: Adaptability

Discover the power of adaptability in entrepreneurship through the inspiring journey of Emma and Jana, who developed an online publishing platform while navigating different time zones. Learn how adaptability manifests in various forms like acceptance, optimism, self-efficacy, problem-solving, and courage, and how these elements are crucial in overcoming entrepreneurial challenges.

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Six individuals in separate photo frames are shown with "VentureLab Spark Cohort III" written above them and the VentureLab logo stating "Entrepreneurial Learning" below, highlighting their commitment to youth entrepreneurship education.

Meet VentureLab Spark Cohort III!

As part of VentureLab Spark Cohort III, six students were able to expand their businesses and grow as entrepreneurs. After receiving supplies to support their businesses, they took part in a four month journey to grow their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills.

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A magnifying glass focuses on the word "Curiosity" and an illustration of a telescope against a yellow background. The "venturelab Entrepreneurial Learning" logo is at the bottom right, highlighting their dedication to youth entrepreneurship education.

Mindset of the Month: Curiosity

Following our curiosity nurtures crucial underlying strengths like resilience, adaptation, and problem-solving. So, how do we increase the entrepreneurial mindset of curiosity?

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