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Teaching A Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Many parents are finding that traditional public school options are inadequate for their children’s education. Some opt to take their child’s schooling into their own hands, and offer a home school program instead. While this may require more work for both the parent and child, it also allows for an unparalleled amount of personalization and customization.

Education can be more tailored to their needs and desires, which can help them achieve their professional and educational goals faster. You can even incorporate and customize our youth entrepreneurship curriculum, which can help them start their own business, launch their own products and learn to be innovative and creative in everything that they do.

Are you looking to home school your child and give them the youth entrepreneurship education they need to succeed? We can help! Check out our recommended entrepreneurship activities below and consider using our free youth entrepreneurship programs to be able to teach innovatively right at home!


1. Fun Ways to Group Up Students

It’s easy to fall into a routine of picking the same partner every time for an activity. This resource includes 14 ways to group students into teams of all sizes to keep things fun and fresh.

2. Wacky Inventions Game

This game inspires creativity through play and curiosity, cornerstones of entrepreneurial learning! Works in groups of all sizes, which makes it great for learning pods.

2. Personal Water Eco-Audit Activity

An activity by EcoRise that inspires youth to closely observe their own water use habits and apply math and scientific skills in a hands-on way!

3. Marshmallow Challenge

The classic marshmallow challenge that takes simple materials and turns them into a challenge to grow important entrepreneurial skills like creativitypersistence, and learning from failure.

4. Reverse Brainstorming Activity

Think outside the box to find creative solutions to challenges with reverse brainstorming. This isn’t your normal brainstorming technique: instead of solving a problem, you make it worse! Tons of fun in a group for learning pods.

5. Youth and Caregiver Workbook

Features 60 activities that can be done at any pace, created around thirteen key concepts in entrepreneurial thinking. Requires resources easily found around the house. Plus, printable certificates at the end of each section make for a feeling of achievement after each concept!

7. Ready, Set, Design

This activity by the Smithsonian Museum is a highly adaptable design challenge that can jump-start collaborative and creative thinking in any learning pod.

8. Pitch Game

This fun activity serves as a great introduction to the basics of entrepreneurship and takes youth directly into idea generation and pitching.

9. Pitch Challenge Toolkit

The Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge Toolkit is a free, five session, engaging curriculum that is fun for everyone! Kids connect their passion with the solution to a problem, develop a pitch for their solution, and perform the pitch either live or on video.

10. Witte Where You Are

Witte Where You Are provides engaging, interactive virtual experiences that you can do at home with the whole family! Become a Backyard Scientist, History Detective, and more.

11. Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills Poster

You can practice entrepreneurial mindsets and skills while doing any activity or learning any subject! With this handy poster, you’ll be able to recognize these traits in your learning pods and teach youth to spot them in themselves and each other. Print it out to hang on a wall, tape on a desk, or share it digitally, and remember: you are an entrepreneur!

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