Meet VentureLab Spark Cohort III!

Six individuals in separate photo frames are shown with "VentureLab Spark Cohort III" written above them and the VentureLab logo stating "Entrepreneurial Learning" below, highlighting their commitment to youth entrepreneurship education.

The VentureLab Spark Mentorship Program provides a four-month mentorship program to help their business get started or scale up. As part of VentureLab Spark Cohort III, six amazing youth were able to expand their businesses and grow as entrepreneurs. After receiving supplies to support their businesses, they took part in a four month journey to grow their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills.

This program is made possible through the generosity of VentureLab supporters. Looking for ways you can support a VentureLab Spark Scholarship or apply for the program? Learn more now!

Meet our Spark youth:


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