7 Examples of Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action

At VentureLab, we know being an entrepreneur is more than starting a business: it’s a way of thinking (or mindset) that can be applied to any opportunity or challenge. Check out these stories to see some of these entrepreneurial mindsets in action!

1. Resourcefulness:
Can Hamburger Buns Save Your Pipes from Freezing?

Resourcefulness is finding clever ways to solve challenges, even if you don’t have the ideal supplies. Fast food restaurants in Texas made use of materials they had plenty of (hamburger buns!) to insulate and keep their restaurants safe from frozen pipes.

2. Problem solving:
Eisha’s Mask and Vending Machine Pitch

Six-year-old Eisha saw that there weren’t many colorful and fun mask options for kids her age, and also that common safety supplies were scarce during the pandemic. She solved the problem by coming up with unique mask designs and the idea to sell them in a vending machine! (Want to pitch your idea like Eisha? Check out our virtual pitch events!)


3. Opportunity seeking:
Business is expanding for 11-year old entrepreneur

Reece’s dog was allergic to most treats. Instead of writing this off as something he couldn’t fix, Reece spotted an opportunity and used it to come up with an idea that turned into a successful business.

4. Empathy:
Texans Needed Food and Comfort After a Brutal Storm. As Usual, They Found It at H-E-B.
Entrepreneur Florence Butt founded the Texas supermarket chain H-E-B. After winter storms left many Texans struggling, H-E-B provided food, water, but also an extra touch of kindness. Considering your customers’ needs and how they’re feeling is what being empathetic is all about!

5. Persistence & grit:
Victoria’s Olguin Eyewear business

As part of the VentureLab Spark Program, 17-year-old Victoria set on a journey to bring her idea of combining charm bracelets and glasses into a reality. But working with new tools and delicate supplies was challenging! Using persistence and grit, she was able to overcome those obstacles to make her idea into a real business.


6. Embracing failure:
Two weeks of sleepless nights turn 3D card maker into PPE provider

This card company wanted to help provide protective gear during the pandemic, but their first prototypes didn’t work out. Instead of quitting, they embraced the lessons they learned from failure to make new designs instead.

7. Optimism:
This 6-year-old girl in East St. Louis helps the community and has fun along the way

When COVID caused her school to go online, Zoe didn’t let it get her down. Instead, she came up with new ways to bring her friends and people in her community joy and togetherness in a safe way.

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