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Persistence and grit. Entrepreneurs must be persistent to succeed with their ideas!

4 Free Persistence & Grit Activities

Entrepreneurs keep trying to solve problems even when they face tough
times. We call trying over and over again PERSISTENCE and we call using
determination GRIT.

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Problem Solving

3 Free Activities to Practice Problem Solving

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking about and coming up with creative solutions to problems. We call this problem solving!

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4 Free Curiosity Activities for Entrepreneurial Learning

Entrepreneurs use their creativity to ask questions and seek new ways of learning and doing. We call this curiosity!

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Walk in Someone Else's Shoes, Then Take Action

Use Empathy to Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes, Then Take Action!

Learn how one young student took action using empathy and how you can get better at identifying and solving problems in your community!

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Getting Creative with the VentureLab Workbook

Entrepreneurs use their imaginations and try to think in new ways. We call this creativity!

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Opportunity Seeking

Opportunity Seeking with the VentureLab Workbook

Entrepreneurs observe, identify, and act to solve problems. They get a lot of ideas for new businesses by thinking about how they could change things and how they could make life better for people. We call this opportunity seeking!

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