Entrepreneurship for

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Use these free resources to start teaching the entrepreneurial mindset today.

In addition to detailed lesson plans, our Instructor Guide is a one-stop resource featuring our research-based best practices and tips for fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom and beyond. You can also use our entrepreneurial mindset and skillset document as a way to make sure you’re focusing your teaching on developing the core entrepreneurial competencies.

Entrepreneurial learning is a journey for both instructor and student alike.

Step outside your comfort zone – you’re more entrepreneurial than you think.

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Entrepreneurship for Lower Elementary

Entrepreneurial Lessons for Grades 1 – 2

Elementary Grades 1-2: Creativity A: Play

Encourage students to learn about play as a tool for creativity, idea generation, and innovation.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Creativity B: Observation

Encourage students to learn about observation as a tool for creativity through active observation.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Intro to Entrepreneurship

Give students an opportunity to experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Idea Generation

Explore a range of methods that will help students generate new ideas.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Design Thinking & Prototyping

Show students how they can observe a problem, empathize with someone’s needs, and prototype a solution.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Market Research

Students learn how to identify target markets and perform their own market research.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Business Models

Students develop an understanding of business models and analyzing/applying those models.

Elementary Grades 1-2: Pitching

Students explore the process of designing a prototype, receiving feedback, and improving their design.

Ways to Teach

Our mission is to make entrepreneurial learning accessible.

ways to teach lower elementary curriculum

That’s why we create lessons that can be implemented in many different ways adapted to your students’ needs!

People of all backgrounds can facilitate a VentureLab program and many of our facilitators don’t have experience teaching entrepreneurship. To get started, all you need is a space to accommodate students and internet to access our ebooks (or printed copies of our lessons).

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Help us prepare our next generation of creative leaders and spark their fullest potential.

We empower instructors with the resources needed to introduce youth to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the key mindsets of entrepreneurial thinking. But above all, we focus on creating fun, interactive and hands-on learning resources that foster an entrepreneurial mindset that students will use in and out of school, and for a lifetime.

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