Topics in Entrepreneurship

About the lessons

Each Topics in Entrepreneurship lesson covers a specific topic in a standalone format. Topics in Entrepreneurship aren’t designed to be completed linearly; instead, pick and choose the lessons that suit your youth entrepreneurship needs.

Each lesson contains multiple activities with detailed preparation, instructions, slides, and handouts required to teach. Lessons are available for grades: 1-2, 3-5, and 6-12.  Recommended for: In-school and afterschool existing STEM programs, business or marketing courses, and enrichment programs 

All lessons are offered with two parts:

A young girl engages in crafting at a colorful workspace, featured on the cover of a book titled "Free Entrepreneurship Curriculum.

Part I: Free Download

Part I contains the first half of VentureLab's Topics in Entrepreneurship content. These lessons are a great way to introduce individual entrepreneurial concepts!

Cover of a textbook titled "Free Entrepreneurship Curriculum 2" featuring a young woman in a classroom, writing on a whiteboard.

Part II: Purchase Today

When you purchase Part II of any lesson from Topics in Entrepreneurship, you get all of Part I, plus an additional lesson to allow for further practice and learning.

Topics in Entrepreneurship features lessons on:
A young girl painting at a table in a colorful classroom setting, with the word "creativity" printed at the top of the free entrepreneurship curriculum.


Textbook cover titled "Free Entrepreneurship Curriculum" showing a young man in a classroom, looking thoughtful with a pen in hand.

Intro to Entrepreneurship

A woman writing on a whiteboard, under the title "free entrepreneurship curriculum" in a presentation slide.

Idea Generation

Two boys examining a drone, standing in a workshop environment, with the text "free entrepreneurship curriculum" displayed above.

Opportunity Analysis

Two individuals discussing over a laptop, with documents and a binder on the table in a classroom setting, under a "free entrepreneurship curriculum" banner.

Market Research

Two students engaged in a free entrepreneurship curriculum, focusing on assembling components at a table.

Design Thinking & Prototyping

A woman writes on a whiteboard about free entrepreneurship curriculum, with visible text and diagrams.

Business Models

Two women in an office setting, one holding papers and the other presenting a free entrepreneurship curriculum, with a title "pitching" and a company logo below.


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