Youth & Caregiver Workbook

About the workbook:

The VentureLab Entrepreneurship Mindset Workbook features 60 self-paced activities created for caregivers around thirteen key concepts in entrepreneurial thinking and can be completed around the dinner table, during an in-school mentor session, or after school (OST) program. The workbook is available in English and Spanish for grades 9-12.

“I believe every child should have a chance to learn the incredible lessons of entrepreneurship and develop a mindset and ‘heartset’ that will open doors for them for a lifetime,” said Dr. Cristal Glangchai, Founder and CEO of VentureLab.

Recommended for: Outside School Time – OST (afterschool, camps, summer, 21st Century Community Learning Centers – CCLC), extended learning, existing STEM programs, any enrichment and supplementary programs

Youth Entrepreneurship Made Accessible

This workbook is for parents/caregivers/mentors and elementary-age children. You don’t need a background in entrepreneurship or financial literacy! Your job is to learn with and guide the child.

• The workbook contains 60 activities organized by mindset along with a section on financial literacy

• Activities include hands-on, role-playing, games, conversations, writing, and reflections. No special materials are needed.

• There are no right or wrong answers (financial literacy questions involving calculations have an answer key).

• Activities can vary in length from 5-10 minutes up to an hour. Work at your own pace!

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