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What is High School Startup 101?

Our High School Startup program gives students the tools and experience they need to start their own business. During this weeklong course, students brainstorm and launch their own company, conduct customer research and competitive analysis, and even build a real-life, working prototype of their product. On the final day of camp, students get to demo their products and pitch them to “investors”—a vital skill they’ll need for future business success.

That’s not the best part, though. High schoolers also get access to a mentor—a professional from the San Antonio area. Mentors can provide career and academic guidance, networking opportunities, job leads and more—even after the program has ended.

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When are camps offered?

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What do you learn?

In our High School Startup program, we aim to give students a foundation in entrepreneurship, business and innovation. They’ll learn:

Brain Storming

Students will learn to harness their creativity and come up with ideas that better society, change the world and serve a purpose.

Team Work

They’ll learn to work together cohesively as a team for the greater good of the product, company and overall goal.


Once they devise a product, students will get to create a real-life, working prototype that can be shown to potential investors.

Frequently asked questions

Q 01. Do I need to bring anything to the course?

No. Just bring your creativity. If you’re signed up for a 6 hour course and you declined to purchase lunch, make sure to bring something to eat, too!

Q 02. How safe are the locations/staff?

VentureLab prides itself in creating a safe environment, and this means a couple things:

  • All employees have passed background checks.
  • Each location is chosen to ensure the utmost security.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind.
Q 03. Do students need to bring extra money to the course?

No. In fact, we encourage them to leave money at home to prevent losing it. All fees are paid before the course begins, so there’s no need to bring cash at any time.

Q 04. Can I get a discount if my child only stays for a portion of the course?

No, all of our courses must be paid in full. We do not prorate any of our courses.

Q 05. Can you refund the price of a course?

VentureLab runs a large variety of programs, so in most cases, we prefer to transfer your credit to another course. For our longer courses, we evaluate everything on a case-by-case basis depending on when the refund is requested. The further out a request is made, the higher the likelihood we can process a refund.

Q 06. Can I get a discount for a course if I’m enrolling multiple kids?

Currently, VentureLab does not offer discounts for multiple kids.

Q 07. If my child is going to miss part of a day or is out sick, should I call to let you know?

While not required, if you know your child will miss a portion of the day, please call to let us know. Our staff handles drop-off and pickup, so they can meet you at the venue and prevent you from getting lost and missing more time.

Q 08. Can parents stay and observe one of the courses?

Absolutely. Our only request is you observe as opposed to participate in the course.

Q 09. Can a different person pick up the child versus drop them off? Another parent or a babysitter, perhaps?

Yes. However, VentureLab staff needs to know who is picking up your child, and we will create a way to confirm it is, in fact, the correct person. If you don’t tell us beforehand, we will need a verbal phone confirmation before letting someone else pick up your child.

Q 10. If a course is already full, is a waiting list available?

Yes, all of our courses have waiting lists. You’ll be informed 1-2 weeks before the course if a spot has opened up.

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