Girl Startup provides girls with hands on knowledge of what it takes to start a business. Over the week students will work together to brainstorm ideas for their company. They will take part in everything from customer development to competitive analysis. In addition to research students will be tasked with building an initial prototype of their product. During the last day of camp students will pitch their product and demo a fully functional demo site.


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Do I need to bring anything to the courses?
No, just your creativity. Additionally if you are signed up for a 6 hour course and you choose not to purchase lunch make sure to bring something to eat!

How safe are the locations/staff?
VentureLab prides itself in creating a safe environment for everything and this means a couple of things.
1. All employees have background checks done.
2. Each location is chosen to ensure security.
3. There is a 0 tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind.

Do students need to bring extra money to the course?
No, in fact we encourage them to leave money at home to prevent losing it.

Can I get a discount if my child only stays for a portion of the course?
No, all of our courses must be paid in full. We do not prorate any of our courses.

Can I refund the price of the course?
VentureLab runs a large variety of programs so in most cases we prefer to transfer your credit to another course. For our longer courses we evaluate everything on a case by case basis depending on when the refund is requested. The farther out the request the higher the likelihood that we can process the refund.

Can I get a discount for a course if I am enrolling multiple kids?
Currently VentureLab does not offer discounts for multiple kids.

If my child is going to miss part of a day or is out sick, should I call to let you know?
While not required, if you know your child is going to miss a portion of the day please call to let us know. We have staff handle drop off and pickup and we would hate for you to get lost at a venue and miss more of the course.

Can parents stay and observe one of the courses?
Absolutely, our only request is you observe as opposed to participating in the course.

Can a different person pickup the child versus drop them off? Another parent or a babysitter perhaps?
Yes, however VentureLab staff needs to know who is picking them up and we will create a way to confirm it is in fact the correct person. If you fail to tell us we will need a verbal phone confirmation before letting someone else pickup the child.

If one of the course I’d like to sign my child up for is already full, is there a waiting list I can get on?
Yes, all of our courses have waiting lists and you will be informed 1-2 weeks before the course if a spot has opened up.

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