Get Creative with the Wacky Inventions Game

Wacky Inventions Game

Explore the world of inventions with our engaging ‘Wacky Inventions Game’ worksheet. This printable activity is designed to spark creativity and enhance problem-solving skills among students. Download and ignite the spirit of innovation in your classroom today!

Entrepreneurship Education: The Toolbox To Develop Tomorrow’s Changemakers

VentureLab curriculum

Friends, I am excited to share that the first half of VentureLab’s brand new youth entrepreneurship curriculum is now available for grades 6-12 and is available at no charge. The interactive lessons teach kids, particularly girls, to develop courageous, creative, can-do attitudes and be ready to take on the challenges of our evolving world. Check them … Read more

Change is a Sign of Growth

change is a sign of growth

At VentureLab, we strive to empower girls and kids of all backgrounds and circumstances (and the adults that teach, and love them) to think entrepreneurially and reimagine their own possibilities. Just as we are committed to sharing our knowledge, we are also committed to continuously innovating. That’s why I’m excited to share what VentureLab has accomplished … Read more

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