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Stay connected with the pulse of VentureLab news and events. Here, we share our latest organizational updates, collaborations, and milestones. Dive into stories that showcase how we’re transforming lives and communities by making entrepreneurial learning accessible to everyone. From spotlighting our generous sponsors to highlighting engaging events and impactful campaigns, this section is your gateway to understanding VentureLab’s dynamic role in shaping a future where every child can be an innovator and changemaker. Join us in celebrating our journey and get inspired to be part of the movement that’s empowering the next generation with the skills to lead and innovate.

Youth pitch event replay from December 1, 2022

Youth Virtual Pitch Event replay (from December 1, 2022)

Did you miss our virtual youth pitch event on December 1, 2022? It was amazing! Check out the highlights in this video replay. Thank YOU to our mentors, panelists, audience, and most of all the kids who did the hard work of pitching their ideas at this event. VentureLab holds youth pitch events regularly! Get involved with our next youth pitch event as a panelist, audience, or participant.

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Entrepreneur course for teachers

New course: Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Educators

We must must practice and model the same entrepreneurial thinking we ask of youth.
VentureLab invites you to join the Entrepreneurial Mindset Course for Educators to practice and grow the same mindsets that you want to see in the youth you serve. The evidence based program uses best practices in adult learning theory and can be used by individuals or groups seeking to imbue their culture with empathy, adaptability, optimism…all the entrepreneurial mindsets and skills. 

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Youth pitch event volunteer panelists June 2022

Meet our panelists from June’s Youth Virtual Pitch night

Meet our panelists from June’s Youth Virtual Pitch night. We appreciate them taking the time to volunteer their time to give feedback and mentoring for this event. We appreciate and are deeply grateful to our audience participants, volunteer panelists, donors and young entrepreneurs!

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16-year-old Kartik's pitch for his invention, SugarJet, a painless affordable insulin pump

16-year-old Kartik’s pitch for his invention, SugarJet

Watch 16 year old Kartik pitch his invention to help diabetics: SugarJet, a painless, permanent and affordable insulin pump. He talks about how his grandmother’s challenges with diabetes inspired him to create this invention, about how this device matches up to competitors, and gets feedback and questions from our panel.

Learn more about our Youth Virtual Pitch Events and register today!

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Youth Virtual Pitch: Mocha Beans Boutique

13-year-old Myiah’s Mocha Beans Boutique Pitch

Watch 13-year-old Myiah pitch her idea for hair and beauty products, Mocha Beans Boutique, during our June 2022 Live Virtual Pitch Event! She talks about her beauty business and the unique products that she’s created, and then she receives feedback from our panelists.

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Six individuals in separate photo frames are shown with "VentureLab Spark Cohort III" written above them and the VentureLab logo stating "Entrepreneurial Learning" below, highlighting their commitment to youth entrepreneurship education.

Meet VentureLab Spark Cohort III!

As part of VentureLab Spark Cohort III, six students were able to expand their businesses and grow as entrepreneurs. After receiving supplies to support their businesses, they took part in a four month journey to grow their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills.

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