Entreprenurial Education For Kids!

Creating the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers.

Our Entrepreneurial Learning Programs

Building courageous, resilient, can-do attitude in the classroom, and beyond.

Free Curriculum Through fun, hands-on lessons


Through fun, hands-on lessons and activities, students discover the entrepreneurial process, while gaining valuable skills and building confidence.

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Online Learning

Teach entrepreneurship anywhere learning happens using these resources specifically built for remote, hybrid, and at-home learning.

entrepreneurial mindset with Professional Dev & Training


Explore the entrepreneurial mindset firsthand through an engaging and immersive professional development experience.

A young person with blonde hair, wearing a blue shirt, is focused on working with electronic components at a table, as part of their k12 entrepreneur curriculum.

Programs & Events

Discover pitch events, mentorship programs, summer camps, and more to bring the youth entrepreneurship experience to your learners.

Bringing entrepreneurial learning to…

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About VentureLab

& the power of entrepreneurial learning

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skillset and a way of thinking. We’re passionate about empowering kids, especially girls, to innovate, create, and discover their potential. That’s why we have created innovative and fun entrepreneurship curriculum, training, and programs—the perfect vehicles to help students, and especially girls, develop a mindset and ‘heartset’ that they can use for a lifetime, no matter what they choose to become.

Our Valued Partners and Sponsors

Working together to spread the entrepreneurial mindset around the world

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