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About VentureLab

& the power of entrepreneurial learning

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skillset and a way of thinking. We’re passionate about empowering kids, especially girls, to innovate, create, and discover their potential. That’s why we have created innovative and fun entrepreneurship curriculum, training, and programs—the perfect vehicles to help students, and especially girls, develop a mindset and ‘heartset’ that they can use for a lifetime, no matter what they choose to become.

Our Entrepreneurial Learning Programs

Building courageous, resilient, can-do attitude in the classroom, and beyond.

Free Curriculum Through fun, hands-on lessons

Through fun, hands-on lessons and activities, students are exposed to the entrepreneurial process, while gaining valuable skills and building their confidence. And best of all, we already did all the lesson planning for you.

entrepreneurial mindset with Professional Dev & Training

Explore the entrepreneurial mindset firsthand through an engaging and immersive professional development experience. You’ll learn the best methods for teaching entrepreneurship concepts and will practice the curiosity, resilience, and creative learning we aim to inspire in our students.

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Entrepreneurial learning in the comfort of your home! Find guided workbooks and short hands-on activities for caregivers and mentors that are eager to raise a kid entrepreneur.

Learning for the Future

It’s time we get innovative about education.

According to the World Economic Forum, roughly 65% of children entering primary schools today will likely work in jobs that don’t currently exist. Our challenge is twofold: we can’t predict the “hard skills” and jobs of the future and our current education system is not preparing students for a rapidly-changing job market and the world.


In order for our kids to succeed, we believe they must develop an entrepreneurial mindset to channel their innate creativity to create their own opportunities and tackle the problems they are passionate about solving. It’s time we get innovative about education.

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Join us in creating tomorrow’s innovators and changemakers.

What Our Entrepreneurial

Learning Community Is Saying:

VentureLab Champion Spotlight

Having an entrepreneurial mindset means having a vision and driving it forward. Estrella Hernandez built an app to encourage her peers to get more active—using the entrepreneurial process, she transformed her passion for health into a reality!

Why Youth Entrepreneurship?

Parents and teachers share the ways K-12 entrepreneurship education has unlocked potential in their kids.

Entrepreneurial Learning Outside the Classroom

A student from a non-traditional background shares her transformational experience with youth entrepreneurship education.

VentureLab is able to spread these entrepreneurial mindsets and skills thanks to generous private donations. Want to help?

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