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VentureLab is a finalist for the 2016 CLASSY Awards!

Behind every invention there are engineers, artists, thinkers, and dreamers. Their passions are different, but they share an entrepreneurial spirit to change the world.


Why Entrepreneurship Education?

It's about more than just business

Entrepreneurs are found in fields ranging from business to art, from medicine to mathematics. It’s not just about content, but about the entrepreneurial mindset – about empowering students to feel free to take risks and learn from failure, and giving them the tools and confidence to truly believe that they can turn their ideas into reality.

By 2020, 40% of our workforce will be self-employed. Today’s  young people need the acumen to recognize an opportunity when they see one, and the drive and grit to pursue a solution all the way to the end.

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"VentureLab helps students think creatively and leads to good problem solving skills. I'm so excited to finally bring something real to my students."

- Rita, Teacher

Why Choose VentureLab?

VentureLab offers rigorous, standards-based entrepreneurship and science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) K-12 programs that prepare students for the 21st century. We empower teachers with fun, innovative training and easy-to-use materials. These teachers bring the entrepreneurial mindset to the classroom, where students become active, engaged learners tackling real-world problems. As they research, brainstorm, and prototype, students learn to develop creative solutions and confidently share their ideas.

No matter a student’s age, background, or experiences, we believe they have the power to change the world around them. Let us help you show them how.

About Us

"Students became more confident, now saying, 'I can do this'. Students were more enthusiastic about learning, and about being in school. I'm excited that we collaborated with VentureLab."

- Blanca, Vice Principal

For Teachers

Mixing entrepreneurship into your lessons is easy, and will engage your students as their classroom learning comes alive. Dive into our activities and give it a try!

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For Schools

Let our Account Manager get to know your school with an in-depth consultation: our easy-to-use, standard-based curriculum can be customized to your master schedule.

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For Parents

Introduce your child to entrepreneurship through one of our summer or weekend programs. We'll show them how to bring their big, creative ideas to life!

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Currently in 35 Schools

Meet Our Founder

As a university professor and entrepreneur, Dr. Cristal Glangchai observed how hard it was to get students passionate about science and technology. She created VentureLab to teach students at a young age to think like entrepreneurs—by anticipating needs, innovating, creating, and taking calculated risks. When students are exposed to entrepreneurial thinking, a profound change takes place; they learn to problem solve, think critically and creatively, and become more confident in their ability to tackle challenges.

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"This is exactly what we need happening in our schools. We're very fortunate to have VentureLab... to provide this enriching experience to our children."

- Mike, Parent